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A Question....

Hey, so The quesiton is pretty simple... If I were to create a set of roll-tables, that perform a function ( no spoilers to be found here I'm afraid.) and when I say a set of roll tables I mean like 20+ roll tables, would it be possible to bundle those into a pack that could be placed on the market place ? I know It's a bit of a random question.. but there it is.. thanks.
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It could almost certainly be done as an add-on, but you should contact Roll20 directly for this, if you have information you don't wish to reveal publicly yet: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thank-you once again Keith... Ill do as you suggest, I just didn't want to waste a bunch of time with art work etc, only to find out that its not something that can be done in the first place, if you get what I am saying
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I've installed both Modules (Games) and Add-Ons from Roll20 Marketplace that included Rollable Tables in them. Some even/also have Rollable Table Tokens set-up, like some of the different Clock / Timer / Pie Chart products.
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Yep, you just make it into a game, and then submit it as "game addon" instead of "art pack". It will not be downloadable and it will give access to whatever you've put in the pack. I wouldn't worry so much about spoilers, whatever someone else makes will be different in style if nothing else.