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[LFG] [D&D5e] 1-3 spots open for a Saturday homebrew campaign during the day

Hello! I am a semi-experienced DM who is looking for some players to run a homebrew D&D 5e campaign. I already have two players in the roster, and the time of play would be around 10 to 14 EST on Saturday. We can adapt the time one hour earlier or later if need be. About myself : I am a 33 years old teacher in Quebec (French Canada). I have a small accent, but I've been playing D&D online with anglophones for almost a year now, and I didn't annoy anyone ^^ I wish to find players who are : - reliable (ponctual, do not miss half the time) - respectful (civilized, open minded, don't talk over others) - not susceptible (won't take things personal if bad things happen to their player, or the group disagrees with their point of view) - resourceful (won't need the DM to find all the information in their stead) - more interested in roleplaying than min-maxing their character (show interest in their character development, the lore and the NPCs, not just kill monsters, loot stuff and get stronger) - likes to have fun   and bond with new people I know it might seem like I'm a strict person, but I only want everyone to enjoy their experience. I've had to dealt with many unlikable players in the past, and I just want to avoid having to intervene in disputes or lecture people about their unpleasant behaviour. So if you are interested in joining, please reply to this post by answering to the few following questions, please :) You don't need to have it ALL figured out yet, I'd just like to have an idea of your roleplaying style ^^ 1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all!

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Hi there! Your requirements honestly just sound reasonable to me, so I hope I fit all of the criteria. The only one I might have minor problems with is talking over others when I get ahead of myself, but I'm doing my best to improve. My timezone is GMT+8 (+12h from EST) so the sessions might have to be a bit earlier, if that's okay. 1. I'm willing to play any sort of character you might need! Some of the options I've made are a half-elf cleric, a halfling rogue, a human fighter, and a tiefling sorcerer. All of them are pretty well developed (both plot and game mechanics) because I have too much spare time, though I haven't played any of them except the sorcerer. I would be most interested in trying out my rogue, but I don't mind doing something else depending on what the party's missing at the moment. 2. Lore is definitely the best part for me; I find it endlessly interesting to find out more about the kind of world the campaign takes place in, while at the same interacting with and helping people in a way that isn't really possible here. Puzzles can be really fun for the same reasons. (How often in real life do we get to wander in the woods at night to collect magical flowers?) 3. They would have the ability to guide the characters along without forcing events to happen, I think, but that's just my personal preference. When it comes to problem solving, I find it so much more satisfying when all the clues are there , but it's up to the players to piece everything together. I'd also get along swimmingly with a DM who allows me to do pointless things just for fun, such as rolling acrobatics to jump on a bed. 4. As long as everyone is friendly, I won't have any problem. I like interacting with the world and going on quests together as a group, and seeing the party protect each other in combat always gets me a little fuzzy on the inside. 5. Oh, I have two! - My group was interrogating a fire cultist about the cult's origins, and he said that everyone in the city made fun of them for their religion, which is why they wanted revenge. I blurted out that they weren't clowns, they were the entire circus. He burst into tears and we couldn't ask him any more questions. - My group once went on a side quest in the forest at night when we were confronted by an ogre defending his territory, so I immediately yelled "WHAT! ARE YOU DOING! IN MY! SWAMP!!" Cue puns and Shrek references, eg. "It's all ogre for us now!", while our bard blasted All Star on her bagpipes.
Hey if your still looking for players I'm very interested in joining in. I have been looking for a weekend online game for awhile and yours fits very well into my schedule. I am willing to play any character that may help your current party make up. Please feel free to message me back if you are interested. Thanks!
My name is Federico, or Fred for easy pronunciation. I'm 27 and Italian, although I live in Ireland, and I feel my grasp of the English language is pretty solid.  I have one year experience playing as a Keeper in Call of Cthulhu, and four times as much leading RP groups in World of Warcraft. I'm looking for a group to welcome me, and allow me to learn the D&D system. Possibly playing regularly if we get along well. I'm fully available to use camera and microphone over Google, Discord etc. 1. Either a young sulking lad seeking guidance in life, or a tough and stoic farmer with little to no understanding of "Them fancy magics" 2. I find RP in general as being a great exercise in creativity and psychological exploration. I found myself many times using RP-acquired skills in real life, even during job interviews. As a style I tend to prefer a descriptive and plausible feel, delving deep into the psychological, spiritual and personal consequences of my characters. 3. Having a solid understanding of intrapersonal dynamics above anything else, and leaning towards cooperation with players rather than strict rules or plot structure. Last but not least promoting a cooperative group interaction among players, GM included. 4. Similarly to my ideal GM, it would be a place where cooperation and improvement are always at the forefront. Descriptive and believable roleplay is a great plus point in my book as well. 5. I'm Italian and I love pineapple on pizza.
Hi, I would love to join your campaign if you are still open, I’ve been trying to find a campaign to play in for a while. 1 I’d like to play a gentleman thief type or a paladin or warlock. Not sure what race yet but they would likely be very up beat and optimistic attitudes( that’s just how I like to play). 2 I like adventuring, lore, and memorable NPCs 3someone who knows the rules but is willing to ignore them occasionally for the game to be fun 4 personalities That both compliment and clash 5 my sorcerer once got so drunk he fell on his face but still negotiated a better reward for our first quest

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This is Marie S. from the couples post a few days back. Steven C. and I are still very interested in joining your campaign! I've sent the link to this post to Steven (it's after 2am where he is), but here are my answers: 1. I'm willing to be flexible; after all, this is my first time playing DnD 5E. However, I've been toying with the idea of a CN tiefling warlock whose patron is her great-great-great grandfather Mephistopheles. She made a pact with him as a child in order to avoid being sacrificed by devil-worshipers, but now that she's older she chafes at being bound to him and wants to get out of it. Mephistopheles has ordered her to further his agenda by collecting secrets (arcane or otherwise), and she hopes that one day she'll find something that will be able to dissolve her bond with her patron...or perhaps topple him altogether. Like Mephistopheles, she believes that knowledge is power. But for her that power also means her freedom, meaning that she'll pursue knowledge not matter the cost. 2. I really like the idea of collaborative storytelling. I'm a English PhD candidate, so saying I like stories is a bit of an understatement. I've always been intrigued by the concept of a story that is shaped by a group working together. The rich lore of DnD and making friends are also a huge bonus! 3. I think a good DM would emphasize player collaboration and encourage inhabiting the characters during roleplay. I think it would be good to have a plan but also be willing to allow the campaign to evolve organically (or, at least, be able to make their plan seem like organic evolution...) 4. To me, a good player group would be open, friendly, and prioritizes fun and story over building the biggest, baddest character. 5. When I was a kid, I got in trouble a lot for reading in class (you're a teacher, so you know the type). My teachers were super annoyed by this, but also didn't want to make a big show of punishing me for reading in class as they were desperately trying to convince the other kids to read at all. Therefore, they started taking my books away. In response, I began checking out 2 copies of the same book and hiding 1 of them in my desk so I could take that out in class after they took copy #1. They couldn't take away the second copy without stopping class, so they were forced to let me keep it. This might be the most me thing I've ever done.
1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D 1: well I'd have to discuss it with you and see what will work for your setting, but what I can do is tell you the characters that I have already played with.  My first character was a lizardfolk monk named Linzrel Obec. His whole shtick was that he was a cowered who deserted from a war and was plagued by regret over it. He spent most of the campain being confused by everything/everyone and seeking redemption. He was a sweet little young man.  Then there was Darel Rustrun. Once a human paladin who was a member of an anti extra planar church (essentially the kkk for none material plan stuff) he got turned into a tiefling by a rather powerful demon. Spent the one shot drowning his sorrows, being moody/having intense unaddressed body dysphoria, and desperately trying to scrounge up enough gold to hire a high level wizard to change him back. He was a voilent racist and a hypocrite. In short a deeply flawed character that was really interesting and dramatic. Tanray + Raytan a pair of khenra twins. These two were the most homebrewy characters I've played. Raytan was a sorcerer/barbarian optimist who was plagued by wild magic that he couldn't control. Tanray was a pragmatist who studied magic inorder to try and help her brother. She was a wizard who did illusions because her experiences with her brother made her to afraid to use magic to make anything real. And then finally there were Healbot4 and Lockjaw. Another duo of characters. One a warforged cleric with a one track mind designed to heal soldiers, who was left for dead by his company. The other a 1ft 8 literal goblin child who named herself chieftain of her own little two man tribe after her previous one was wiped out. She is plucky and bitter darkness sorcerer who erroneously believes that killing humans only makes them stronger. And so she refuses to "feed" them.    2: Defiantly the story telling. Plenty of other games let you run around, kill bad guys, grind loot, and become god like superheroes. Where as dnd's main draw is that it both a game and an act of collaborative sorry telling. I don't mind being the weakest one in the room, or going an entire session without seeing any combat. Just so long as I feel like my character has added something interesting to the story. 3: Someone exceedingly fair, who doesn't hold my hand or railroad me. Who let's people get away with doing cool stuff, so long as it's in character and doesn't brake the story. Thing like letting a character choose and describe what their spell looks like. Just so long as it doesn't effect what it actually does.  4: I'm pretty flexible when it comes to people. I'd prefer it if they don't meta game too too much, but honestly it if they do, it isn't that big of a deal for me. Mostly I just want them to get along with each other, and actually show up more than twice lol. 5: Well with my first character, Linzrel, he didn't have a lot of equipment. Being a monk and all. So when we came across a magic cauldron that would enchant anything placed into it he didnt really have anything to put in it. Now, sweet at he is, he's now the most intelligent sort. And on top of that he is wearing a bandana that lowers his intelligence even further. So he just takes off his pants and wolf skull shoulder pad and dunks them in. Well as it turns out, when it comes to clothing, the cauldron only enchants the first item placed into it, which was my shoulder pad. Everything after that gets shrunk down super small like. So now my character is naked. Okay... thats fine. Lizard aren't too bashful about that sort of thing. But the thing is... later that day I was supposed to play my panpipes on stage infront of a live audience. And no one thought to tell my poor boy that maybe he shouldn't go up and play without any clothes on.  It was just a little meta game, but I was going to have him ask if he should be more formal for this event. But then our bard sees that I'm looking nervous and freaking casts calm emotions on me. So yeah... That's how Linzrel ended up singing naked infront of a huge crowd, and somehow managed to get a standing ovation for it.
Hi, my name is Kevin, I'm 28 and I have free weekend availability. Ive been playing D&D since around 2012 starting with 3.5 before switching to Pathfinder and now I'm the last year 5E. I've been my local groups "forever DM" for quite some time but our group has since disbanded. I am excited to potentially play a PC again. I have a deep passion for roleplaying and tabletop. 1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) I would like to play a character concept I've had for quite some time. A Shifter Barbarian named Critter. Critter was found in a forest gnomes farmering field as a baby who cared for and raised him. They put his strong stature and strength to use helping to tend to the land. He of course never quite fit in very well with his community though. His parents however loved him dearly and taught him that family is more than blood. I draw inspiration for this character from a mix of Hercules and the Disney film Coco. Critter has a deep love for his family and will often refernce his gnomish ancestors and relatives. 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) For my the most fun I have comes from a combination of freedom of creative expression, acting and portraying a character, and collaborative storytelling. 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? To me there is little differnce between DM and player. The only difference is the DM is the scene setter, final arbiter of rulings, and narrative storyteller. 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? Ideally my group is aware that we are collaborating together to drive our story. I like groups that focus on in character dialogue and group problem solving. 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D IRL I'm 50% dwarf, 50% orc and 100% dork
1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) I usually just like to play someone that will be useful to the party. A lot of times that means like a healer or tank or mix of the two. I also think it's fun to sort of look at what the party needs then use that almost like a writing prompt for coming up with a character. 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) Man, I love all of those things. Joining role20 has been the first time I actually got to RP during play and that's been great. Combat is always fun and intense. And Fantasy lore is my jam. I've spent many days just lost in Lore wikis. 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? Someone who is relaxed and fun to play with but doesn't give in when a certain type of player begs to be the son of a Bahamut with wings and an ancient dragon familiar. 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? For me, D&D is best game because it's co-operative, so just a group that gets along and plays cool characters. 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D - A Pirate walks into a bar with a big steering wheel on his belt. The bartender asks, "What's with the steering wheel?" The pirate says, "Arrrrgh, it's drivin' me nuts!" Here's my discord, hope there's some spots open: sportle11#1293
1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) I'd like to play a human variant dex/finesse based battlemaster fighter, ex soldier turned mercenary, chaotic neutral male early 30s with an affinity to gambling and chances of luck, patient, but intolerable of  Self-aggrandisers' and ‘egoist’s 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) the whole randomness and uncertainty of it all..nothing is more appealing to me than the idea of throwing the dice and seeing what happens. 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? my ideal DM would be someone who isn't always 100% by the book..someone who can take the unexpected moments and mesh them in well to an unpredictable, fun, and immersive experience. 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? my ideal player group would be pretty cohesive with a group composition that really feed off each other, two fighters, a cleric, bard/warlock, rogue have been the group compositions that i've stuck to the most often and have had the most fun playing. 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D  Hey baby, if you were a book you'd be the Players Handbook - lotta rules in the front, lotta magic in the back.
Summoned here by Marie S. 1. What character would you like to play? (race/class, backstory, personality) I'd want to make sure I round out the party, but my initial leanings are toward a half-elf cleric. - If cleric: he was taken in by the church as a child, saved by a priest before the people who murdered the rest of his family could finish the job. He is grateful to the church, and hero-worships the priest that saved him, but is still somewhat jaded by his close-call with death. He spent most of his life sheltered by the church, but has just recently been deemed ready to be sent out on tasks (or some other reasonable explanation for why he met with the adventuring party and was pulled in) 2. What do you like about D&D, or roleplaying games in general? (roleplaying with NPCs, adventuring, epic combats, learning about lore) The interactive, collaborative story telling, where each action you take has lasting impacts on the world you're playing in. That's probably best summed up in the roleplaying and adventuring pieces. The lore is also very important, as it provides a rich backdrop and context for why the things you do matter in the game. While I do like the strategy elements inherent in the combat, I don't think it would be very fun to have a sting of fights be the focus of a campaign. 3. How would you describe your ideal DM? The ideal DM is: Flexible. The DM can adapt the scenario, within reason, to handle the machinations of the players Affable. The DM is a large part of the world in an RPG. It should be easy to talk with them, and they should be having as much fun as the players. Empathetic. The DM has a handle on how best to interact with the players, what is and is not ok in an adventure, and can give players a push if they get stuck in a rut. 4. How would you describe your ideal player group? The ideal player group is Regular. We meet on a schedule, and breaks in meetings are normally short and planned beforehand. Cohesive. While there may be chafing personalities, everyone respects the others at the table and can discuss issues openly and with tact. Fun. Everyone is in it because they want to be, and they want to have fun doing it. 5. Tell me a joke, or a funny personal anecdote :D I had just moved to Germany, had maybe been there a day in total. My family goes to a restaurant and we start enjoying a fine meal. The waitress comes around and asks us how everything is and I reply enthusiastically: "Everything is really good!" in my best German. The waitress smiles a bit and replies in English. "I don't know, that's why I asked." Anyway, turns out verb placement in German had some nuances I wasn't aware of, and I actually asked the waitress whether anything was good at all. Cue significant embarrassment for a high schooler. Everyone laughed afterward, because we were obviously foreign, but I still remember the feeling (I'm 28 now).
Hello my name is greasy, yes you heard that right. I’m a semi-new player but am I am willing to do some reading if needed especially if I’m not use to playing a spell caster (foreshadowing). 1.Ive been wanting to use a caster for a while since most of my characters are non caster (rogue & monk) l so I’m looking to being a wizard or warlock. Race is uncertain I’ll prolly choose the race if I’m in the campaign. 2.My favorite thing about dnd is pure rp aspect of it because anything can happen and you can do anything. Another thing I like about dnd is character creation, with character creation I can use my full artists powers to create a beautiful backstory. 3.What I want in a dm is that one they know how to talk to the players in a nice and calm way. Two can funny and make the party feel good when something terrible happens like a PK. And lastly be a all out cool person. 4.My ideal player group would be on time, semi-serious when it comes to being serious, and lastly a friendly group to be in. I wouldn’t wanna join a campaign and be yelled at or argue omg constantly about out of game things. 5. Funny thing let’s see........OH in one of my sessions I’m a kobold rogue that loves gems and our BBEG was after a amber sword with some demonic powers with it and at every chance I could I was ask the holder of the sword if we could sell or break it into chunks. Also last session I turned my right hand into a literally gem which counts as a +2 bludgeoning weapon. -greasy