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Attribute Character_id in Power Cards Macro Helper

I am a bit of a noob to Roll20 APIs. I am hoping someone has a suggestion: I have added PowerCards v3.8.11 and PCMHelper v1.0.5 to an existing game. I have completed !pcmsetup and updated all of my characters with !pcm. I have the Advantage Toggle set on all of my characters. I get this error whenever I try to use a pcm helper macro: "Error: No attribute or sheet field found for character_id -M34mjEpNSx9OGDNigaL named 0*" I checked some of the pcm helper macros and they list "character_id". Was this attribute supposed to be added to the characters by the script? I have looked through their attributes and it does not exist. I have used !pcm again to test if there was any change with no luck.
The Aaron
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I don't know anything about those scripts, but character_id isn't an attribute, it's a property of a character.  It is access with the same syntax as an attribute, using @{selected|character_id} or @{target|character_id} or @{SomeCharacterName|character_id}. Based on your error output, it looks like you have the character_id, the issue is some missing attribute?
I had this same issue. I fixed it by launching the game, going to game settings, scrolling down to experimental features, and clicking "Apply Default Settings." I hope that works for you. 
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The error suggests that it is looking for an attribute named "0*" on the character with the listed id, can you post the macro that you are trying to run, there might be something awry in there?
Here is the macro "PC-Attack" from Power Cards Macro Helper: !power {{    --replacepcattack|@{selected|character_id}|?{Select attack to use|@{selected|attacklist}}    --replacement|Advantage    --replaceattrs|S-|@{selected|character_id}    --replaceattrs|T-|@{target|character_id}    --template|Basics|@{selected|token_id};@{target|token_id};uses ~PCA-NAME$;~PCA-NAME$;~PCA-ATYPE$;~PCA-RANGE$    --template|PCAttack|~@{selected|rtype}$  }}