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Not Authorized to post

Searched on site and Google for solution.  When I try and send a private message I get 'Not Authorized to Post' Error message.  I have tried different browsers, Cleared my cache, disabled addons, done it all with no luck.  I am out of ideas to try and seen where people who pose here are able to shortly after a dev sees it.  Hopefully I have same luck. thanks
Did you get it to work? I'm having the same issue.
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Rob, Apologies for any inconvenience.  You should be able to correct this issue by first posting or replying to a post in a public forum (not a game forum) and checking the Captcha which appears to the right of your text box.   Let us know if you're still having difficulty after trying this solution.
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I had the exact same issue a few nights ago. The Captcha did nothing about the PM issue. It just took time to clear.
I'm having the same issue after following all the steps listed above.

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Having the same problem. But posting here has fixed it!
Just gonna see if this fixes the issue for me as well :)
Lolicommander said: Just gonna see if this fixes the issue for me as well :) Same
does posting here fix it?

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I have the same issue so trying the captcha thing. :) /edit, that workaround was working for me. Can send messages now.
Some issue... hope that posting here fixes it :)
I'm also having this issue. I hope posting here fixes it!
never happened to me but it happened to my group but it fix its self
Trying to post here too, since I'm getting that error tonight too
Having the same issue. 

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Hello fellow kids (It worked!)
Seriously? "Just post in a thread and it will start working?" Guys.

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Well, what have I got to lose. Here's a post dedicated to the Capcha gods. Hope that after I've made it I will be able to send PMs. Update: The Capcha gods are merciful. :))
Let’s see if this works.
I'm trying it too :P

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I am also trying this! Yep - that worked. Perhaps the devs could fix this bug now that it has been clearly identified?
Doing it again
trying posting here too
Posting here for that issue exactly
Same. Posting here to correct.
Same. Doing what everyone else is doing. 
same posting here to correct
Not authorized to post
Posting here to correct. lol

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This seems to be the thread to post and correct the CAPTCHA issue.  Hopefully it works? Edit: I did the steps outlined above and it worked.
I have the same issue. I am trying to post to fix it. :D
I have the same issue
So all ive got to do is post here and it fixes the issue? Lets try it out.
Posting here to correct
I hope this works, otherwise my wife will leave me for that damned Dragonborn Bard again!
Let's hope the posting to here still works!
And my axe!
Testing to see if replying this post fixes the bug
Posting here to check if bug gets fixed.
Posting to see if this fixes my issue as well
Posting to see if it fixes mine.
does posting here fix this?
Posting here t fix (hopefully) as well
Fixed it
Posting to see if I can fix this