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CSS - compiler error with new-window class


Edited 1588773294
Hi, when I use ".sheet-new-window" as class, the script instrumen.ts return this error     Potential security violation; character sheet template styling throw out     + array("0" : "window", "1": "window", "input": <css raw file>, "length" : 2)

Edited 1588769756
Interesting, seems the security filtering forbids using that name for css classes in character sheet. Simple solution, use a different name for the class and it won't be an issue. Edit: I updated the wiki to include this info: <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/Building_Character_Sheets#Restrictions" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/Building_Character_Sheets#Restrictions</a>
Yep I change the class name to .sheet-newwindow , thank you for the update on the wikii