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Always a DM, looking to be a player for once, DND 5e

Hello, I am looking for a game to join. I currently Dm a game on Sundays from 5-9 pm, and as a teacher tuesday and thursday nights are a no go for me for the next two weeks, after that im good till after summer is over. The current game I have been dming for 2 straight years on roll20, which as anyone who plays here knows, it's a rare thing to keep a game together that long. Of the 2000+ hours i have on roll 20, maybe 50 of them are from being a player. I'd like to play for once, as I haven't in almost two years now.  I've been playing dnd for 35 years (older brothers needed another player when i was a kid) and love it, especially during these trying times. If you have a game, and want an experienced player, please, consider me.

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We are starting Waterdeep Dragon Heist tomorrow.&nbsp; We need 1 more player.&nbsp; It is a paid game.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
See my posting for Tomb of Annihilation above (Fridays weekly, GMT +1).&nbsp; Or drop me a line on Discord, Raksascha#4168.&nbsp; I think you'd enjoy the campaign immensely, if the time slot is feasible.