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Wiseguys, Savage Worlds


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Getting the crew together. Saturdays 8PM (GMT+2) Savage Worlds (SWADE) We are searching for two more associates to join our crew of 3 in our misadventures. If you are interested in playing a character that would fit in the stories like Sopranos, Reservoir Dogs, GTA drop us a line providing some info about yourself. Disclaimer: Your characters will be Anti-Heroes, but not Villains. Sure, wise guys might steal from innocent people, but in the grand scheme of things innocents aren’t the targets. What makes a bad guy look good? When he goes after someone worse than he is. There will always be a boss, drug lord, or corrupt cop more evil than the Crew. You might be involved in heists, hustling and bustling, gambling, dirty jobs and much more but what will keep you alive is your ability to make the right connections and remain loyal. We'll have our session zero where we'll talk about the game tropes, your characters, and what is it you think would make this game fun and meet your expectations. And ofc, that is when we will create our wiseguys. “There is nothing romantic about them or what they do. Understand what we’re talking about here – bad, bad men. Are they funny? Sure. Kind to their mothers and children? You bet. Generous to the help? You bet. But the same day they tip the valet $100 they might stick a meat hook up a guy’s ass.” – Joe Pistone, The Way of the Wiseguy GM will be using camera and it would be appreciated if you can join us with a video feed. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The link isn't working. Game full or cancelled?