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Character Sheets &/Or Tokens Not Properly Using Character Attributes to Linked Default Tokens


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In my current campaign the character sheets have suddenly stopped properly attributing values from a character to the attached token.  As seen here, the character "Thrann" has an unarmored AC of 17, or what the character sheet's attributes calls ac_no_armor However, the token which is linked to said character sheet, is not properly applying that attribute, and instead lists his AC as 14. Further, I'm not even sure where the token is even getting that number from, as neither his Dexterity modifer nor his equipped armor should give a value of 14. This only recently started happening to character sheets and tokens in this game, and wasn't a problem before tonight. We noticed it in combat when the values on the tokens, linked there for quick reference for me as the DM, didn't align with what the character sheets and the players knew the proper values for their character's AC should be. This is happening to all my player's characters and their tokens, so it's not just the unarmored defense that isn't being attributed correctly, it's all armor. Oddly this doesn't happen for NPCs. I suspect , though I can't say for certain, that it's because the AC attribute isn't calculated at all for them but instead is simply whatever value I input into the proper field. Which leads me to believe that there is a bug on roll20's end somewhere in how attributes are being calculated and pulled by tokens.
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Hopefully a sheet author can come by with a more detailed answer, but that looks like the 5e Community Contributed sheet? There could be a good possibility that it is no longer reacting well with the way Roll20 presents data. It is more than two years since it received any real update, and the last two added "partial compendium support".
So unless roll20 rolls back some change they made on the back-end, or the sheet author updates the sheet, my players and I are just SOL?

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That ac_no_armour is an autocalc field. Autocalculating fields are an older technique that sheets used before we had sheetworkers, and they are not as robust. It does appear that a recent change on Roll20's end has broken the linking of autocalc values to tokens. Roll20 is looking into this and will try to address it. See here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Edit: As for where the 14 came from, someone typed it in there, maybe by accident. When a token bar is not linked (like with this bug, even though it shows the attribute in the dropdown list, it is not linked), you can type anything in those fields and it will be saved.