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Unique ID for Turn Order in html markup

Score + 189
Can we get a unique ID or class for the Turn Order? It would be nice to reliably target with CSS. I stream my D&D campaigns and it's nice to spice up the visuals with some simple CSS injected with a browser add-on. One of the things I like to do is make some modifications to the turn order, but to target it one needs to target .ui-dialog[aria-labelledby="ui-id-7"] and have it be the first sub window opened (character sheets, handouts, etc.). That means its possible, but frustrating, to target the window. Sometimes the ID changes too. When I first started playing with CSS, the number was 8. Then one day it became 7. Don't know why the first window opened is 7, and it doesn't really matter either. I would really appreciate the added value of this (hopefully) small change. Thank you. Neal
I've always been a fan of Neals stuff. He's ingenuitive and has years upon years of experience with roll20. If such a thing could be implemented to further allow him (and others) to keep doing amazing stuff with roll20, that something I could get on board with. Signed.
Neal, this is a really great idea that I'm sure would help tons of streamers.
ᐰndreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Hm, this would be nice. Giving the API access to it as well could also be useful, if it doesn't already.