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Recursive Tables, Real Rollable Tables, or Power Cards

I'm just embarking of my adventure into tables. I see already that I need something to call nested tables, Recursive Tables has this covered. I use a lot of tables that add modifiers to them, Real Rollable Tables does this, but it uses the same call as Recursive Tables (!rt). I found a thread that said Power Cards can do tables and add modifiers. It seems like Power Cards can do both, but not using tables, but macro code.  Which of these can accomplish what i need (recursive tables with modifiers)? Is there another API script I am missing? Thanks.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Hmm. Good question. Worst case, you could modify one of the scripts to use a different command. I suggest changing RealRollableTables to !rrt. 
I was thinking that would be pretty easy. I've forgotten how to code (lol, use it or lose it), but can still read it pretty well. I'm really looking into power cards to lighten my table load. If I can 'store' all my tables pertaining to a specific area or dungeon on one character that may be better than a giant list of unorganizable tables. Ill report back!