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Dex ability and modifier in blue with asterisk


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In the character sheet, the dexterity modifier is 1509 with the stat in blue with a star underneath (8029). If I hover the mouse over the blue stat, it shows the correct ability stat. We're using the D&D 5e sheet. I've checked the modifiers, and everything looks normal. Have also double checked that there isn't an item that's causing the problem and as far as I can figure out, nothing is causing it. All help is appreciated! EDIT: I can change it under the abilities tab, but it doesn't change the iniative or any other modifiers to the correct stat, still showing the blue star.
Apart from items (which you said you've checked) the other place that could be adding to the stats is the top middle window in the Cog icon tab of the character sheet.
The source of blue numbers for Abilities on the 5e sheet is when you adjust them using the Settings (Cog) tab on the sheet and adjust them in the middle section as Oosh mentioned.  It is the safest way to adjust ability scores, especially for temporary situations. Doing it in the Abilities & Attributes tab can bork things I've found.
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Have you found the reason yet, Kimalli?
Same thing occurred for me about 6 months ago. I remade the sheet and it never did it again. 
Same thing just happened to me but On my Con ability. I had just leveled up and added two to my Con. Now it is f.....ked.  This seems to be quite the glitch. And there is No way to fix it other than remake a new sheet?? uhg 
Did you try the steps above?
try to do it yourself?