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Map won't load

I am forever seeing the text scroll across a black screen as it tries to load the map but never does. I have tried on several wi-fi connections on several different laptops and pads. I have tried on google and firefox.  I have seen the map once on my phone but that is not large enough for a proper gaming experience.  I have tried disabling extensions and add-ons.  upgrading the browser.  all to no avail,  I am at a loss.  Prefer to use Windows Laptop. I am not sure what info is needed from me to determine next steps.  any assist is appreciated.
Try disabling your browsing extensions or add-ons, even the ones you think don't interfere with anything.  Usually when I'm having a technical issue with Roll20, it's because I turned a browser extension back on that pretty much only interferes with Roll20's operations.
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You can try going through the steps listed here: Guide to  Solving Technical Issues Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser Please check if these issues persist when using both Chrome  and  Firefox. Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20 Please disable  all  add-ons/extensions. Step 3: Clear your cache