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Recommendations for Cost-Effective DnD5E Campaign?

Hello everyone! I haven't DM'd in a while, have done a lot of pathfinder but I have a friend that likes DnD5E much more. So, I am looking for a pre-built DnD5E Roll20 Campaign. This friend pretty much only wants to play official forgotten realms material. Looking through the campaigns, the lack of customer review (at least I couldn't find any) leaves me wondering which to pick, and the official DnD5E campaigns seem pretty pricey so I really want to pick a good one! If anyone could recommend some great official DnD5E campaigns I'd really appreciate it. Some Things I personally am interested in: - Roll20 Stuff. I haven't used roll20 in years, so I'd love to play a campaign that really uses roll20 to provide a great, smooth DM experience in ways that I couldn't get by just importing PDFs and screenshots on my own, and showcases what roll20 can do. Dynamic lighting seems very cool so I'd love to play around with that (don't know if this has to be developed into the maps or not). - Quality over setting. Obviously my friend refuses to play anything but official forgotten realms, so that is pretty restrictive. However, the subgroup of forgotten realms, the actual focus of the campaign and it's story isn't a big sticking point. Just that it is well written, and has quality maps/characters that make the campaign worth a potential $50+ price tag. Basically I am just trying to get a feel for which of the official DnD5E Roll20 campaigns are the best value for money by user standards, because I can't seem to find that info on the actual store. (I have looked up reviews for some of the campaign books themselves, but those reviews don't really reflect on the interfacing between campaign and roll20). Also, if there is a Roll20 campaign that is just too amazing NOT to play because it is great quality and utilizes roll20 to it's fullest, recommend it and maybe I can convince my friend to try something new! Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all recommendations anyone can offer!

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If you want to spend max 50$ on Roll20 Campaigns... Curse of Strahd and Tombe of Annihilation are most value for money. Both cost 25$ and have a ton of NPCs and monsters fully statted (about 300 each) and many maps. If you want just a taster, start with any of the 'essential startes kit' 5$ each, sunless citadel 5$, or Lost Mines of Phandelver 15$. If you want Dynamic lighting... you'll have to get any paid subscription.
Id say descent into avernus. it looks like it has good content. If your OK homebrewing alot, Tales of the Yawning Portal has alot of good stuff across a ton of levels, but you have to do some work putting it all together. If you want it more together, you could go with mad mage. It takes place in Waterdeep and is a big dungeon crawl, its got the maps and material if its more of a board game and less of RP. (though still alot of it)
Curse of Strahd Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

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Sheet Author
If you want nice color maps avoid the newer modules. Waterdeep, Avernus, and Saltmarsh. I'd suggest going to youtube and looking up reviews for modules. A lot of them are pretty in depth and show you all the things you get.

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Curse of Strahd isn't really Forgotten Realms.  I'd recommend any of the older campaigns with the Schley art.  The newer books don't have roll20 friendly maps. You want something like Storm King's Thunder, Tomb of Annihilation, Out of the Abyss, or Princes of the Apocalypse. My recommendation would be the starter set's Lost Mine of Phandelver, though.  It's pretty simple but a great module for your first 5e experience, has the good Schley art, and is probably the cheapest.