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Black Crusade Sheet - Double

Hi, i was looking for a black crusade character sheet and found one.....but why is the sheet "doubled" ? And if you scroll down, you will find the same sheet again! Everything you are entering in the first one will be also in the second one. So what why are there two sheets if it is actually only one?
Sheet Author
Have you tried in another game?   I created a test game, and it doesn't show that for me.

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Very strange....deleted the first game and started a new one....same double entries :-)   perhaps the chaos gods fooled me !!!! Thank you for your quick reply and help !!!!! Edit: Error is still there. I have made up a new game and chose the "normal" Black Crusade Sheet. There is no error with it (beside it rolls strange skill i will use the advanced sheet)

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Me again..... My fault.....the error is still there. I am using the ADVANCED Black Crusade Sheet and the error is still the same. The sheet is double! 

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Sheet Author
Looking at the html on the advanced sheet, it looks like something got jumbled somewhere along the line.&nbsp; There are 2 sets of tabs, and 2 (identical) sheetworker script sections near the top (first 50ish lines).&nbsp; The body of the sheet seems to start repeating at line 3675.&nbsp; The css seems to start repeating at line 1113. But it hasn't had any updates in 3 months, so it might be good to contact the sheet author.&nbsp; There may be some sort of method to this madness.&nbsp; There is contact info in the github sheet.json file (and they should be displayed if you look at your game settings page where you choose the character sheet).&nbsp; The folder for that sheet on github is here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Ok.....thank you very much for your time and help!!! I will write an email and hopefully there will be an update.

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Sebouh K.
Sheet Author
Thanks for letting me know Hondo, i'll check the sheet. May i ask you what browser you're using ?&nbsp; EDIT : A problem occured during or shortly after last update 3 month ago and the HTML got jumbled around. It should be fixed by the next update. I have also requested for the installation instructions of the sheet to be updated, i can't do it myself sadly so it may take more time than the update itself so here are my instructions, as i believe you may lack some code to allow other features to work : Go into your API installation parameters in the options menu of your game, then go to&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;and make sure those you install those 6 scripts.&nbsp; You can find instructions on how to install scripts in Roll20 in the wiki, i fear i'm terrible at explaining such things.
Thank you very much for your help end effort !!!! I have already installed all the Scripts. So we have to do nothing for the Sheet? After the next update it will be automatically the updated one?
It should be fixed automatically yes ! If it isn't, maybe try to refresh the sheet in the parameters by selecting it again.&nbsp; If you encounter any further bug, send me another email and i'll look into it. PS : Since i don't know which sheet you filled (if any) there's a big chance it'll get deleted, hopefully it will be the right one.