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More content from Chaosium/Call of Cthulhu

Hi there, is there a plan to publish more Call of Cthulhu content (modules)  from Chaosium on the marketplace? For example “Two headed Serpent” campaign?
Be very interested in this too. Also the addition of Pulp Cthulhu would be beneficial to that.
Berlin the wicked city would be great
The investigates handbook would be nice

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I would absolutely be interested in this as well. Pulp Cthulhu, Two-Headed Serpent, Masks of Nyarlathotep - all of these please. I'd be happy to see some more standalone scenarios as well. 
I to would like to see more of what I already own on roll20, keeper screen adventures, doors to darkness, investigators handbook or atleast the expanded professions added.  Would also like drag and drop for weapons added to the compendium. I know I want alot lol.
According to a post on the Chaosium forum Masks of Nyarlathotep is coming, no ETA.  I would be happy with a few more medium-length modules to fill the gap.  Charactermancer support would be awesome sometime down the track.  I get they put most of the support the big dog 5E but would love to see it anyway.
I also received a response to an email I sent to Roll20 asking about additional materials for Call of Cthulhu. They stated that they are "absolutely bringing more products from Chaosium, Inc. to Roll20." No specifics or timeframe, but hopefully we will see some more resources soon. I've still got a few shorter scenarios planned out for the two groups I mainly play with, but would love to work them up to a longer campaign.
For those who may be interested, it looks like a pre-order for the Harlem Unbound supplement was added within the last day or so. I picked it up, and hope we see more new materials offered soon!