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Updated Lighting Suggestion - Darkness Threshold Value

I just read that you will be having "Regular" Darkness and "Permanent" Darkness. I like this plan for covering situations where the darkness absolutely cannot be overcome.  However, in games like Pathfinder, there is something called Greater Darkvision which allows creatures to see through Regular Darkness and Greater Darkness (Utter Darkness in RoleMaster). SUGGESTION Darkness Levels: 0-5 0 = No Darkness (0 Opacity) 1 = Twilight (25% Opacity) 2 = Shadows (50% Opacity) 3 = Nornal Darkness (75% Opacity) 4 = Utter Darkness (100% Opacity)  5 = Permanent Darkness (100% Opacity and cannot be bypassed) Dark Vision Levels: 0-5 0 = No Dark Vision (normal humans) 1 = Low-Light Vision (-25% Opacity) 2 = Dark Vision (-50% Opacity) 3 = Greater Darkvision (-75% to Opacity) 4 = Uber Darkvision (-100% Opacity, but won't modify Darkness Level 5) 5 = GM Vision (-100% Opacity, including Darkness Level 5)

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I absolutely agree there should be some GM control on the opacity of vision levels. Dim light is still too bright for my liking. This is the main thing keeping me from updating at this point. My current settings for my 5e players with darkvision on Legacy dynamic lighting is Emits light 60ft (the limit of their darkvision) and Start of Dim at -300ft, so that they are able to see out 60ft, but because of the gradient, it is hard to actually see, this helps me prevent my players from metagaming the map because darkvision should still give them disadvantage on perception checks, and I think it should be as difficult for my players to see as it is for their characters. 
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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