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Essentials Kit - Pregen characters?

Hi, I'm a complete Roll20 noob (been DMing for 35 years but never online). I'm about to finally gather a few friends tomorrow tp play the Essentials Kit Icespire Peak, and I wanted to just gove them pregens, but I can't find any in the module. The only ones I can see are Dqarf Cleric, Elf Wizard, etc... but they don't have abilities listed. Am I doing this wrong? Or isn't there any pregen?
When I click on the characters (at the bottom of the Journal List) they have complete character sheets...
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Hi Romain, Make sure you have selected a character sheet for your game. It should automatically select the D&D 5th Edition by Roll20 Sheet when you choose that module, but it's good to verify. If this is not the issue, can you post a screen shot of what you do see when you click on those characters?