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How to edit Sheets

How do I edit existing sheets? I'm using the basic roll20 D&D 5th edition character sheet. I like everything about it, I literally just want to change the text and description of things. Example: change the name of the barbarian class to Juggernaut. Is there a way to do this?
📜🗡Andreas J.🏹🎲
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There is no way with a free account. Editing sheets is a Pro feature.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Also, before you upgrade to Pro, you should know the "By Roll20" sheets are maintained by the roll20 devs, not the community, and the code of some of them isnt available for us to edit. The 5e sheet in particular is locked away, hidden from us. Though there are several variant sheets based on the last public version of that sheet, like the Darker Dungeon sheet.