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Need Help Making A MAcro

Hey folks,  Was wondering if someone could help me in making a macro that includes the Gift of Alacrity  spell, which adds a 1d8 to initiative rolls.  I can't make macros for the life of me.  Thanks!
Is this 5e? How often are you using it? There's no global modifier for Initiative, so there's 2 options I can think of: 1) A specific macro with its own button for rolling initiative only with Alacrity buff 2) A general purpose Initiative macro with a pop-up Query for the Alacrity buff. The pop-up is going to happen every Initiative roll, which some people find annoying. Which method sounds more usable?
Thanks for the reply.  Yep, this will be in 5e.  Often enough that I'm requesting some help. A few of my players, and some fellow DMs, would love to use it seeing how the Dunemancy spells are becoming more and more popular.  I think the first option (specific macro) would be the best so that way they can select either or. You're right, some players do find it annoying when a pop up happens (I don't mind at all but others might). 
This is a general purpose 5e Initiative roll with advantage query, and Alacrity added in (rolled automatically): @{selected|wtype}&{template:simple}{{rname=INITIATIVE ROLL}}{{mod=@{selected|initiative_bonus}}}{{r1= [[?{With advantage?|Normal, 1d20 | Advantage, 2d20kh1 | Disadvantage, 2d20kl1} + @{selected|initiative_bonus}@{selected|pbd_safe}[INIT] +1d8cf0cs0[ALACRITY] &{tracker} ]]}} {{normal=1}} @{Selected|charname_output} You can change the bold part to ?{Alacrity?|No,|Yes,+1d8cf0cs0[ALACRITY]} if you'd rather a Query. If a character has no way of ever gaining advantage on their Initiative roll, you can replace the entire advantage query with a 1d20 to get rid of the pop-up. Initiative macros work well as Token Actions, as the button is only visible if they have their token selected, so they can't send blanks to the tracker with it.
Wow thank you so much!  I'll test it out and see what everyone says!