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Minor Typo in Blades in the Dark Character sheets

Thanks  so much  for all the work Jakob and Tim have put into the Blades In The Dark Character Sheets. I've found a couple of minor errors, all with the Veteran Special Ability. First, a minor typo/clarification. Looking at the paper character sheets it shows 3 check boxes next to the Veteran Ability, showing that it can only be selected 3 times. The sheets in Roll20 say "may be taken more than once". I think it would help to clarify this to 3. (I've had a player take 4 before I spotted this) For crews it is 2 I think. Second, the Veteran Special ability doesn't appear in the Whisper character sheet by default (has to be added manually). As I've said, thanks for the amazing work you have done and do! Chris & his Doskvol Dregs
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Hi Chris, thanks! The number of veteran advances is not limited, at least according to John. I consider this working as intended. I'll add it to the Whisper, though, thanks for spotting!