Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: Character Sheets Pathfinder 2: NPC strikes MAP Agile bonus We’ve fixed a layout bug with strikes Fixed heightened spell bug Untrained skill alternate rule support D&D 5e: Attacks with a description but no damage now work when auto-roll damage and crit are on Support powerfully built characters (such as large PC races) in encumberance Licensed Products D&D 5e: Whirlwind spell now associated with the correct classes Pathfinder 2: Fixed a typo in Nimble Dodge Check it Out Gen Con came to Roll20 this year! Check out some cool streams and how we were able to virtually host the largest number of attendees in the history of the convention here ! The Burn is here! You and your friends stand at the edge of everything and dare to hope. Burn Bryte, the first TTRPG built from the ground-up for Roll20 is now available ! Check out our latest roundtable discussion with creator James Intracaso! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .