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HUGE 3.5 char sheet macro list. Spells, skills, and more! (Repost)


Edited 1599421579
Since old thread was automatically closed and due to the fact I've added a lot of new spells. Features: How-To-Use and How-To-Add-More-Spells guide 160 240 spells (half of them added by my players, checked by me, looks fine) Skillcheck macro, that asks what skill, and how many times you want to roll it, from 1 to 5. 8 different variants of the macro Attributes and Abilities, Only Attributes and Only Abilities macros, each in 2 variants Neat macro to sum up all your ranks in skills, so you can check if you didn't miss any points Sheet where you can submit your spell macro (only accepted if made with the template provided there) There shouldn't be any mistakes, but we're all humans, so if you find any, just comment it. The link also give everyone "Edit" privileges, but all first 3 sheets are locked to be edited by me only, so you still can put your stuff in "Submissions for Spell Macros" Link:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Each spell macro is made in neat template with all the information. Spell macros also calculate and roll all the variables, such as spell res, distance, damage and anything else.
Sheet Author
Nice work!
May 3.5 Live forever =) Well done
Thanks :) I'm soon going to unpause my campaign so in month or two I'll start adding new spells again.&nbsp;
Someone requested edit access, so I double checked and found out that link was set to "View Only". Fixed it, so now everyone can edit "Submissions for Spell Macros". All other sheets are locked.