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D&D 5e Artificer Spell Save DC

Hello everyone, The game I'm in is using the standard D&D 5e character sheet and I'm having a problem with it's auto calculations. My Artificer has an INT of 18 and is level 8.  As far as I understand, that means he should have a Spell Save DC of 15 (8+3 (prof bonus)+4 (Int bonus)). But the sheet continues to auto correct the Spell Save DC to 19. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
Is the spell attack bonus correct on the sheet?

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It sounds like you might have something else getting added to the DC - check the Settings tab (cog icon) on your character sheet. The top left window should have a spell DC mod - is there anything in there? Also check your equipment - there might be something boosting your save DC. You could try unequipping things to see if it changes. Just to double check - you Int mod is 4 on the Core tab page, and the actual Int value is 18 (and not in blue)? That should rule out any items/settings boosting your Int. <=== probably a redundant question if you answer Dakota's first.
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What they said. You can call the following attributes in the chat to see what actual values are being used, if it helps to troubleshoot  @{selected|intelligence_mod} @{selected|pb} @{selected|spell_dc_mod} @{selected|spell_save_dc}  
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That's a handy idea, David. If I may, this tweak might make it even easier to decipher: intelligence_mod = @{selected|intelligence_mod} pb = @{selected|pb} spell_dc_mod = @{selected|spell_dc_mod} spell_save_dc = @{selected|spell_save_dc}
You guys are clever. Is there some way of constructing a universal troubleshooting macro that works without API? It smells like it would need some Ziechael-level nesting.
Thanks guys! It was that the Spell Save mod had a +4 value. I don't know how it got there, but thanks for helping me fix it!  No equipment added to it, so it must have been an error on my part.