I am still semi-noob here... i have been in a few campaigns since late last year (just getting back into it after 16 years+ away) I am a brit but can generally play any TZ due to insomnia - only language is English. - I am currently in 2 campaigns and am starting my own this saturday (2PM MST approx) which will be homebrew - based loosely on The Wheel of TIme lore by Robert Jordan - it is a Light Campaign against the dark one - and you start at level 5 - already have a bard/paladin/sorc/monk - look for a maximum of 2 more... over 16 is preferable due to adult humor etc, but will accept younger as long as you are mature and also have a sense of humor (this will be my second time as DM) ----------------------------- Also looking to join other games - only experienced Homebrews with 5e rules - but am open to other rule sets (pathfinder/Humblewood etc) my availablity as a PLAYER = any day apart from Tuesday and Saturday - Pref TZ = GMT/MST