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[LFP] [Interest Check] Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition - pretty flexible CDT schedule

I have some VtR:2e  books that are really good reading material and has gotten me interested in the setting. I would like to gauge interest in running a deep roleplay chronicle using this engine. Were I to start that game, how many would be interested in playing and why?
I'd be interested. have some experience with vtm.
Same here! I started my journey into World of Darkness with Vampire the Requiem and now have the second edition books added to my collection   
I would be deeply interested in joining, VtR is one of my favorite settings and to play in a game focused on roleplay is a opportunity that i never pass up.
I'd be interested in trying as I've heard good things about the game but have no personal experience with it. 
I'd be interested.  It has been years since I last played VtR (personally I like it more than VtM though that seems to be the one that gets all the love from the player base). I'm in several other games so schedule fit might be a problem, but I'd definitely be interested.