Hello everyone and welcome to the Roll20Con sub forum! We have some information to share here just to make sure we are all on the same page. Rules You must follow the Roll20 Code of Conduct and Terms of Service : there will be no harassment, bullying, discrimination, or hate tolerated in this forum. See the Code of Conduct General Guidelines for more examples. For the duration of Roll20Con, this sub forum will be largely exempt from the Intended Use &nbsp;section of our Code of Conduct. Feel free to discuss games you are playing, fun times you had, and coordinate with each other! Please utilize the Looking for Group system and forums to look for players or games to join. Any posts LFG/LFP in this forum will be deleted. Similarly, please use the Bug Forums or the Help Center for any bug reporting. We will create a Stream Share thread once the convention has begun. Any links to streamed events outside of that thread will be deleted. We will also create an Artist Alley thread for Marketplace Creators to link to their work during the convention. All Marketplace links should be kept there, unless within a specific publishers thread. If you'd like to know more about Code2040 and keep track of our fundraising progress for this awesome organization -- be sure to check out the Code2040 thread ! You can get your daily updates on events, reminders about the cool stuff going on, and learn about announcements you might've missed over in the Event Announcements &amp; Updates thread . Check out Table Chat to hang out and chat about the good stuff happening at your table! Any game tagged with the Roll20Con 2020 event tag will be marked as part of the convention! It won't mean that your game is streamed, or public in anyway, it's just a nice way to mark your table as one of the many in our virtual convention hall. For those of you that are listing your games within the LFG search, using the Roll20Con 2020 tag will help users find your games a little easier. October 23 - 25 is going to ROCK. <a href="https://roll20con.net/" rel="nofollow">https://roll20con.net/</a>