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Roll20con doubt

Hello Guys I am interested in streaming for the Roll20Con, but one thing is not clear to me: I read the post in which says that you are going to create a Stream Share thread in the forums, does this mean that I am going to share my twitch channel there?
Yep! Next week we’ll put up a Stream Share thread that folx can share their streamed Roll20Con events in. Putting your stream info on the forums is 100% optional, you don’t need to if you’d rather not. Most streamers I know like getting to talk about their work so I thought it’d be nice to have a space for just that. :) We’ll be asking people to try and stick to about two posts per event (so like one talking about the stream and content and time/date, maybe linking an LFG listing for it if you’re looking for players, and another one as a “go live” or close to). Any promo for events on the Roll20 twitch channel will be kept to the Events and Announcements thread above.   
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Oooh nice. I might have to do this as well.