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Horrible Lag during Friday night game

I run a game every other Friday night normally we have a few issues. But lasts night game it was horrible, everything was slow but rolling dice took a fair amount of time sometimes waiting 30 seconds to return so we stopped playing. Please let me know if you need any more information The game ran for 6:30 to 10:00 PM in central time...that is when we gave up in frustration. I love the platform but the issues recently are causing me concern.
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This has happened a couple of times over the years to our group. At some point we just all refresh the game (usually by re-starting the browser). That usually improves things (except for the month or two near the beginning of Social Distancing).
Having the same problem currently, and it's the new dynamic lighting. Unfortunately the only fix I have found is to turn off all dynamic lighting. This fixed it for both player and myself. Really upsetting because I love the feature, but it's making my games unplayable. Thought there'd be more reports by now, and it would have been resolved, but the forums don't have a ton on it, from what I see.
So the Updated Dynamic Lightning effects dice rolls? Hmmm to bad I love the dynamic lightning and it plays a major part of our Halloween horror game. I can try that next time.
I run a monthly game. Last month, I had no lag issues. Tonight I was having horrible lag. Even just trying to move the scroll bar while on the VTT was frustrating. It was a 5 to 10 second wait before the VTT responded. Here's where it became a head scratcher... I was using Chrome (which has given me no prior trouble) and I was getting the lag. I switched to using Firefox and had no lag.
Yet again......unbearable lag, dice not working, players freezing randomly, players screen turning white, had a player even inform me they could see the entire map. Getting REALLY REALLY tired of paying for this service and getting these kind of headaches. Do the devs actually test?
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Paul N. said: Do the devs actually test? I doubt it. The test server is mostly ignored and broken updates are pushed live without caring much for the stability of the platform.