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query, then roll with advantage

so i'm playing a rules lite hack of 5e and here's my problem i want attack rolls, etc to have a query which will ask the player to add/not add a specific bonus to the roll, but i want the output to include two rolls to always denote advantage/disadvantage. is this possible to do when i'm already using a query to apply a modifier to the d20 roll in question? example: roll query asks you to apply say a +3 bonus or not, then it rolls twice and shows both results so if you had advantage you could take the higher one.
Yes, of course. It would, however, be a ton of work as without API access you'll have to manually recreate all of the macros for every possible roll that you want that query added to. Alternatively, if you're using the 5E by Roll20 sheet, you can look into using the Global Attack/Save/Skill Modifier fields (enabled from the options page on each individual sheet). That way, instead of a query, they would check the box before they make the roll and it will add the bonus to both the rolls (if the sheet is set to always roll advantage), but it won't add the bonus into the total, it will instead show it as an additional to the rolls.
Dakota's suggestion is the easiest, you can leverage both the Advantage query and the crit detection built into the sheet. If using the sheet isn't possible, the simplest way is to keep the Queries out of each other's way: &{template:default} {{name=Attack Roll}} {{Roll=[[?{Advantage?|Normal,1d20|Advantage,2d20k1[Ad]|Disadvantage,2d20kl1[Dis]} + ?{Modifiers|5}[MOD]]]}}