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I have a question, i picked up tasha's and with like all the other books its got nothing i can actually read(that i can find) all the stats and character creation stuff is imported in but i find myself having to buy the actual book just to know what i am doing. Is there a way to actually read the book in roll20?
At the top of the page go to Tools>Compendium Then Pick D&D and click on Tasha's
I am having problems in that several feats - Fey touched - are not showing correctly  in the compendium and bonus to stat or secondary spell not being correct in the charactermancer? Also subclasses not showing correctly in the base class? 
Not all content from Tasha's has been implemented into the charactermancer as was/is advertised. We've been told a lot of it should be implemented by end of 2020. The optional rules are being worked on, no date given for when we should expect them implemented.
Yet I paid 50 dollars... 20 dollars more than I would have paid for the actual physical copy from Amazon, and NOT have all the features available? Lets be honest here, how hard is it to transpose text?
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Not defending the state of the expansion, but clearing up any potential misconception. All text was transposed. The digital copy lacks nothing in that regard. Charactermancer integration is coding, not transposition, and Tasha's added more than just content, but new ways to use that content. I agree that all integration should be there in a finished project. But this is not a matter of copying and pasting text.
Gonna be a hard pass for me, then.  The only reason to buy a book on Roll20 is for use with the charactermancer.  I can get the text in hardcopy for $26 dollars cheaper on Amazon right now.  Can't justify paying double if it doesn't integrate into Roll20 well yet.