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FX not displaying

Just starting up as DMing, and I try to use th etool more and more each week.  Now I want to throw effects in, spells, blood, etc, in for the players, yet any /fx just doesnt appear :( Yes, I am a PRO subscriber. I have used Chrome(hardware acceleration on) and Firefox. simple command, /fx explode-fire @{target|foe1|token_id} Click the token, I would expect to see something, yet nothing appears.  Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?
well, that is odd. Started taking a look at other modules and map packs, didnt want to add to main game, so created a second game. Was able to go in there, and for the heck of it tried, /fx explode-fire @{target|foe1|token_id} and I was able to see it.  Seems like an issue with the other campaign then.... hmmm?
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I've found the FX to be too unreliable to be worth the clicking effort, and sometimes they'll lag by minutes. I can't think of any reason why they'd stop working in one particular game, though if that game is on a shard that's having issues, it could potentially lag by such a long time it seems like they're not working?
FX are alot more reliable as of last week but if you ever get the bug where they just stop functioning just move to a new page and back as the DM.  If you are the player refresh the page.  Its rare that it happens, and its definitely far more responsive than it used to be as of last tuesday.  
No matter what game I create, the FX seems to work fine. I tried to copy my main campaign and do the FX in the copied version, and still the same thing, no effect.  It was mentioned that a delay could be happening, but I am not seeing any delay, even timed to 10 min. I thought maybe it could be an API, so went in to delete one or two, and to my surprise, the copied game does not have any of the API scripts being used, as is in the original version. The only other thing I can think of is, in the main non working campaign, I upgraded to the dynamic lightning.  So, created a new game, with the module I am using, once created, turned on dynamic lightning and tried /fx explode-fire @{target|foe1|token_id} again.  It worked there.  So ya, something hosed on original game, and that isnt cool :(
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My experience with FX has been roughly the same as Oosh's, but that does seem weird that it only affects the one game. It might be worth filing a  Help Center Request . DM Eddie, that's hopeful news. I love using a puff of smoke or fire on a creature I am moving to or from the GM layer, Wicked Witch of the West style. Easy to set up with token mod and the right macro commands, but it has been unreliable due to lag.