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API crash

So what do i do when my API is down due to errors?  No matter what i do its just FUBARD
Sheet Author
With your game open in one tab and the api setting page for that game open in another tab, are you able to successfully restart the sandbox? It should be giving you an error message, and that may shed some light on what is causing it if you can't connect a certain command/api call to the crashes. As a last resort, you could disable all your scripts, and add them back one by one and testing to see which one is the culprit.
NO everytime i restart it i get the same message saying  "Your scripts are currently disabled due to an error that was detected. Please make appropriate changes to your script's code and click the "Save Script" button. We will then attempt to start running the scripts again.  More info...  If this script was installed from the Script Library, you might find help in the Community API Forum. For reference, the error message generated was:  SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token"
Forum Champion
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API Scripter
Have you recently added any scripts that might be causing a problem? Tuesdays are typically pull days on the script repository, so it's possible an update might be causing an issue. Posting the whole API log might help the ore technically savvy folks on the forum track down a likely suspect. Other than that, the best method is to disable the scripts by halves, trying to isolate the problem script.

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Jordan C.
API Scripter
To add on to both Keith and Kraynic's advice, do you have any manually entered scripts? This is an error that tells you a script has invalid syntax for JavaScript somewhere (rare for a one-click to cause this error I would think). It could be something as simple as a misplaced curly brace.
SO it seems like i found the one thats giving me the issues. I dont know why it was working fine a few days ago.I guess the pull day update? It's A Trap! - D&D 5E Generic 

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Jordan C.
API Scripter
That script doesn't appear to have been changed for 7 months looking at the repository. I also am able to install it without issue in a new game. Was this script manually installed or "imported" for your game?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
What script do you have before and after it?  Sometimes the transition between scripts can cause an error because of how it gets concatenated. 
Are all your scripts one-click? Or might you have accidentally typed a random character into a script window?