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Help With 5E NPC Sheet

Hi, I'm trying to setup a macro for one of my players so they can summon a creature and have a token action they can click to set the creature's to-hit on one of it's attacks. The problem I have is I cannot figure out how to reference that part of the attack. Having looked at the wiki, I see that to activate an npc repeating action you can use as follows: %{selected|repeating_npcaction_$1_npc_action} Can someone please help me with how to get at the "TO HIT" value ? I would like to modify this using !setattr Thanks & happy holidays! Manny
My bad, I just found&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Please ignore the above !
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The attribute is&nbsp; repeating_npcaction_$1_attack_tohit You can verify using&nbsp; @{selected|repeating_npcaction_$1_attack_tohit} on a selected token. Remember, numbering starts with zero. To find any attribute on the sheet, right-click on it and choose "Inspect". The panel that pops up should be on or near the attribute in question. Remember to strip "attr_" from the beginning, that is used internally in the sheet. For instance, this one was identified as&nbsp; attr_attack_tohit . The name of the parent repeating attribute can be found by scrolling up a bit in the inspection panel.