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[LFP][Free][Pathfinder 2e] Group looking for additional play players

Hey everyone. I'm a GM of a pathfinder 2e game that meets on Sunday Nights at 6:30 est. We're starting a new adventure and need an additional 2 or so players. We expect it to take us from lvl 1 to lvl 4 or 5. If you're interested or want additional information please let me know.
Are you running a published module, or homebrew story? (Just checking it's not Plaguestone - I think you had a listing for that a couple of weeks ago)
What is your playstyle like, and is this a published adventure?
My experience is very lacking due to only playing 2 half campaigns due to players quitting. And they were WH40K Rogue Trader and Fallout. I haven't touched Pathfinder at all so I'd require help creating a character, but I would definitely be interested.
Hello. I've been playing 5E for a while now and I've been really interested in trying Pathfinder 2E for a long time now. Would you be interested in taking on a new Pathfinder player? I'm acquainted with the design ideas behind Pathfinder, like how feats make the character and not as much the class/race. Plus, after playing 5E for so long, I'd like to think I understand the basic principles behind TTRPGs.
For Erik and Countdown, yes it is plaugestone still. As for my DM style I generally try to be chill though I am by the book.
I would also be interested. I have had the book since a week after release but I never had the opportunity to play it yet. I have played 5e for almost two years now. I would apricate the opportunity to try another system. I would be completely new to the system I have to learn most things. I have read through the entire book but that was quite a while ago.
need a healer?
I'm interested. Decent amount of Pathfinder experience in general but I've only been playing 2e since Christmas. Currently running a champion in PFS. I've been looking for something consistent on Sundays that isn't Pathfinder Society. What's the current party makeup and what source materials are you allowing for character options?
Still looking? Im interested been playing/running 2e since release
If you are still looking, I'd be interested.
So it looks like I have 5 players now.