The Adventures of Wendaroth In the green flowing knolls of South Kupar, stands the great city of Enbrak. Its sturdy stone walls and bridges a testament to the capable engineers and Magi that partook in its construction 400 years ago. It is here that you secured the escort job that you and a select few others were entrusted with. While not your first choice of jobs, you have grown fond of the 10 draft horses you are overseeing as they are taken by sea then upriver to the Riverside town of Highriver. It is at the handoff of the horses to a Danner Hiltmen of the Redstone Mining Company that this journey will begin.   Slots Available: 1 System Used: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, FoundryVTT, Discord Voice Style: An open Sandbox world of monsters, wars, mystery, lore, exploration, allies and enemies. Leaning towards a RP focus - 60:40 Schedule: Saturday 7PM-12AM EST Weekly   GAME INFO - Lvl 1 Start, Pointbuy, (+1 +2 instead of Race stats) Longterm, Race Limitations Apply (Elf,half-elf, human) Official 5e Content. Requirements : Discord, Decent Mic/Internet, Strong English, Punctual & Available at this time. ABOUT ME- Hi my name is Ryan and I am about to start my second campaign in my homebrew setting of Wendaroth. I have been DMing for years. As for the game I stick to the rules when they make sense and like to use Battlemaps as often as possible for combat encounters. I try to portray a realistic world and not all obstacles and enemies should be addressed with a brute force head on approach. I would say the lethality of my games on average would be about a 6/10. I am here for the fun roleplay and stories me and my players make happen. If your not a fan of thinking or being willing to look beneath the surface of a situation from time to time it might not be the game for you.  If this sounds up your ally feel free to DM me expressing your interest, and little about yourself and perhaps the type of character you would like to play.