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[Help] ChatSetAttr evaluate and attributes with value of 0

So ChatSetAttr lets you set an attribute based on another attribute, referencing the latter attribute with percentage symbols on both sides, like so: !setattr --sel --attr1|%attr2% This sets attr1 to the same value as attr2. The --evaluate command lets you do math using these attributes referenced this way, but this doesn't seem to work when the referenced attribute equals 0 or lower. I was trying to set up a command that will set a skill modifier to the difference between the skill's current value and 10 so that the skill plus the modifier become 10. When the skill's value is 0 or lower, though, I get an error. The command: !setattr --evaluate --sel --acrobatics_temporary|10-%acrobatics% The error when acrobatics = 0: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input. Attribute acrobatics_temporary left unchanged. The error when acrobatics = -1 or lower: SyntaxError: Invalid left-hand side expression in postfix operation. Attribute acrobatics_temporary left unchanged. This works with characters whose acrobatics value is anything greater than 0. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Any help is greatly appreciated!
What's really throwing me off is I'm able to get this to work with a normal command with a math function (below), but I need to convert it to an --evaluate command so I can have it called by another API. !setattr --sel --acrobatics_temporary|[[10-(@{selected|acrobatics})]] Anyone know why the --evaluate function messes up when zeros and negatives are involved?

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I think I've solved it! !setattr --evaluate --sel --acrobatics_temporary|10-(%acrobatics%0/10) This is working whether acrobatics is below -10, between -10 and -1, 0 exactly, between 1 and 10, or greater than 10. Using %acrobatics%/1 didn't work when its value was zero even though it worked with negative numbers, but I guess it handles 00/10 better than 0/1 . So if anyone is having trouble with evaluate and attributes with 0 or negative values, use (%attr%0/10) instead of just %attr% .
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Thats a clever solution.
GiGs said: Thats a clever solution. Thanks! I might have fried my brain a bit trying to figure this one out lol