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The State of Paizo Products on Roll20 :)

From what I understand, they don't actually have problem with roll20 releasing 1e material. I mean Fantasy Grounds didn't stop adapting 1e material just because 2e started being thing. But yeah mwangi expanse and galactic exploration manual being on roll20 gives me hope :3
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I have no idea what FG's licensing deal is with Paizo. It might also be as simple as someone high on the FG dev staff has a passionate love of the system. I just meant that Roll20 is not the driving force behind what gets licensed, converted and released. Petitioning here on Roll20 has some small effect, perhaps, but petitioning to Paizo would probably be far more effective. Since that's what Roll20 would have to do anyway. You might as well cut out the middle man and try to convince Paizo there is a decent demand for the materials in this format.

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I mean, from what I understand from having asked paizo previously, how paizo pretty much handles it is that they give roll20 materials and roll20 decides what to do with materials. But I could be misunderstanding something Like main problem for roll20 isn't lack of access, but the sheer volume of the material.