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DON'T sunset Legacy Dynamic Lighting on May 18th, 2021

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As noted by many other users on Roll20 as well as I :( The new Dynamic lighting is still NOT ready for a seamless and on parity to Legacy now and on May 18th...... As game breaking bugs are still there for over a year now. And after this date we will have no alternative, making running and playing games smoothly with few/any problems with this new Dynamic Lighting not very doable in my humble opinion and many others if one just checks the bug forum :( Tom
While I agree with you that this change will cause tens of hours of work for myself as a DM in a homebrew world, I get the sneaking suspicion that this is going ahead no matter the outcry.
As a professional GM with tons of players and campaigns running weekly I have had endless  problems with Updated Dynamic Lighting which has lost me clients. I've bought countless products and subscribed to pro for years now, many of my clients ask why I bother with what is now unobjectively the worst  VTT and before I used to answer that there was potential still (and R20's business strategy is to hold the books and modules I've purchased hostage) and that UDL could be great once they worked out the bugs. Years later and not only haven't they still fixed the bugs but they're retiring the only version of their Dynamic Lighting that actually... worked? That's going to be it for me if they force the change. Don't force us to update until you have a finished project, you're not Cyberpunk 2077 or Bethesda, I won't be paying for a lump of coal wrapped in nice paper. Edward Patch.
Moved a vote from another item here to show my support. Of course, this will likely fall on deaf ears and Roll20 will not acknowledge that this thread even exists, but I still want to try.
I agree. Also, I don't understand why a simple, one-box toggle isn't available to simply let your players see what they can see as they move (no walls, no barriers, no light source). Just an old-school fog of war to help accentuate the mood of the map. Why is that so freakin' hard??!!??
They are absolutely incompetent. I cant even let my players see a single thing. I dont have programming skills. The old system was click, highlight, and show easily. Ive been fiddling with it and nothing is moving at all. I cannot for the life of me allow a player to see a single thing. it shte most fucking embarrassingly useless change ive ever seen.
UDL lags too much it does feel like an beta still. Legacy is better, it should still have both options

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It's flat ridiculous that they'd force something so unfinished on us when they have something that already works.
As long as moving a token just breaks UDL and makes the whole map dark, it should not even be planned to ship it. How can you ship something, that does not even work at all?
Another paying subscriber, soon to be former paying subscriber, who has moved a vote to echo what hundreds of forum post already say: stop removing working features so you can market broken ones.
Thanks for the support gang, 27 votes in 24 hours, hoped for more but one never knows.  I hope if/when the bugs still are not fixed by May18th Roll20 will do a longer period of keeping LDL with the lights on still, but who knows.  remember to tell your players GM's, to vote here as well, every vote could help us, and them out needles to say Tom
+1, UDL is a downgrade.
Karl V.
+1, the new dynamic lightning is not ready. Release when it is ready. Not before.
+1, the new dynamic lightning is not ready. Release when it is ready. Not before.
Why is UDL being set as a forced feature the same day that a 5E book is being released? Why did the dev team choose May 18?
Don't change till good and it isn't that yet.
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Agreed. My group has had a lot of problems with the new dynamic lighting that we switched back to legacy (which I don't see a reason for this change anyway). <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Fix your features before forcing them on us
I finally gave in and bought Foundry VTT today. Had it running in under an hour
Darkvision is not supported with UDL! Per&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, &nbsp;the LDL settings should be as follows for&nbsp; darkvision of 60ft: Light Radius &nbsp;= "30" Start of Dim &nbsp;= "0" All Players See Light &nbsp;= "Unchecked" Has Sight &nbsp;= "Checked" Multiplier = "2" Per&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> , you are instructed to do the following: Vision = "On" Night Vision = "On" Night Vision Distance = "60 ft" This is not the same thing!!
Several of my players in one game have older computers/slower ISPs, UDL flat doesn't work on their computers. I don't think I will try to recruit replacements when they go, so those customers are gone. LDL is flawed, UDL is incomplete and flawed...
+1 Cancelling my subscription today because of this issue and how they are handling feedback about it. Can't wait to find a new company to spend thousands of hours and dollars on!
Agreed, keep fog of war please sometimes when not running a complicated map fog of war is nice and simple and just plain easier also dynamic lighting takes processing power and I found that it was causing crashes if players computers etc were not up to spec.
Thankfully, basic fog of war (which all accounts including free ones have access to) is not going away.
+1 I recently tried again when seeing the post that you're dumping legacy to try and see if the bugs from before were gone. They still exist and its straight up not useable. Why would you be pushing a feature that literally doesn't even work? Within a day of using the 'new' version the players literally couldn't even see in the maps after moving the token and I was forced to revert to legacy.
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Last Wednesday, my group and I tried the updated dynamic lighting and it didn’t work. Some players couldn’t see light sources even after the correct settings were confirmed. A token controlled by only one player had dark vision correctly set, but all players were able to see as if that token was a light source.&nbsp; We had to switch back to legacy lighting.
Made the jump to Foundry this weekend , massive upgrade in smoothness and features/functionality. Roll20 Team: If you don't listen to your customers' feedback, the users who have care enough to report issues and request changes will be the ones to leave, and with the GMs go the players. Hire a PR department and prioritize your product team over your marketing team.
Ryan C. said: MRoll20 Team: If you don't listen to your customers' feedback, the users who have care enough to report issues and request changes will be the ones to leave, and with the GMs go the players. Hire a PR department and prioritize your product team over your marketing team. Just having seen a Roll20 advertisement on youtube, I am not sure that the actually want their old customers. New customers will not know how it was before and what got worse, they will only the know the status quo and think that it's good.