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Map issue with "Cat and Mouse" from Kobold Press

I'm having trouble with the maps in "Cat and Mouse" from Kobold Press. I am the DM for two campaigns, with overlapping players, and we're trying out Roll20. We've tested the Humblewood Campaign Setting and everything seems to work as expected. But we're having problems with C&M. We're using the same browsers, with the same accounts, and I believe we have the same settings. Specifically: We're using legacy dynamic lighting We're testing on outdoor maps, using global illumination and enforcing line of sight (set using the page settings) The tokens are set to "has sight" and are on the token layer (set using the token settings) Everything looks right in the HCS: In C&M everything is black. If I turn off dynamic lighting in C&M, the players can see — but they can also see as much area of the map as I can, including what is on the other side of walls: Any suggestions of what I might do? I feel like this might be a problem with the maps, but I assume others would have already found this if that were the case. Thanks, Noah

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If you want to send me an Invite to your C&M game and promote me to a Co-GM, I'll look at all the settings that could impact this. It could be a bug, cuz there's been a lot of bugs with lighting. It's more likely to be a setting ---- check the PAGE Settings, LDL tab, make sure "Enforce Line Of Sight" is checked ON. (You did this already.) Could be missing the walls? Look on the Dynamic Light Layer and make sure there are walls drawn in where the building's walls are.
Good idea to check the walls! Here's what I see: Thanks for being willing to check it out! I'll invite you.
I don't know what the problem was — or if my support ticket resulted in something getting fixed — but it's working now!
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Yay  Glad to hear it is fixed / working now