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Uploading images becomes jpg

I'm trying to upload images to my Art Library. And no matter what format I use Roll20 converts the images to jpg, and that means I loose the transparent background. Why can't I upload gif or png?
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That is weird. For several year now, all graphics uploaded have become pngs automatically (the jpg size at time of upload is what counts against your quota, though). I haven't heard of the opposite happening. Can you supply an example image to test against, along with posting the steps you used to upload it?
Under "Art Library" I click "Upload". I've tried both to drag the pics to the page and searched for them and clicked upload. The results are the same. I've tried with several different pics. Submitting two of them here (alongside what they look like after being uploaded).

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Are you sure the original image is saved in .png format and has a .png extension? Have you tried both Chrome and Firefox? Have you tried in an Incognito/Private Browsing session? What program are you editing the images in? Some older drawing programs do not save .png format correctly.
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The top image is a gif, and the bottom is a jpg.  I've never tried using a gif since I don't use animations, but I upload and use png files a lot.  Are you sure you tried png?

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The examples look like like images that have been saved from a google search result. Google does not show the actual images, but shows a jpg with the checkboard - which explains this behaviour. Solution is to click the result in google, download the orignal art from the source website (if allowed by the website and licence associated by the image) and upload the actual png.
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Martijn has it. That's an annoying thing Google image searches have implemented (though not uniformly). A quick way to test is by clicking on the image and starting a drag. If you see the checkerboard pattern move with the image, there is no real transparency.
Thank you! Tried Matijns solution, but also had to clear browser cashe and redo it. Thanks for the help!