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door knocker api

does anyone else have an issue trying to get the setting page up on this api?
Nobody had this issue?
Just does open have open and close the VTT to get it to work and even then have to do it multiple times
Sheet Author
I don't know what you mean by setting page.  Do you mean the description on the api settings page?  Do you mean the character sheet with the token macros and instructions in game?  I haven't had any problems with either of those so far in my use of this script.
whe you open it up in the journal there is the instructions page and next to instructions is the settings tab when i click on the settings tab its doesnt open alot of the time i have to log out and back in to get it to work and it doesnt always work 
its the page where you set what colours are what thing i.e walls doors ect

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Sheet Author
What settings tab? Edit:  I see what you mean now.  I never looked for a tab in the text, and have always just used the commands from the instructions to set things up.  It does display fine for me when I click on the settings though.
right under where it says door knocker v1.16 there is 2 tabs the instructions tab is highlighted the settings tab is next to it and they are clickable sometimes