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Issue with Some Google Font

Hi there, Not sure if I'm in the good section to post my question, but let's have a try :-) I have issues with some google fonts. Works perfectly with Roboto, but I have the following error with some fonts, MedievalSharp, Akaya Telivigala so far, Potential CSS security violation; character sheet template styling thrown out. I import it like this, is there something wrong? @import url ( '<a href=";display=swap" rel="nofollow">;display=swap</a>' ) ;
Sheet Author
Are they all on one sheet, or separate sheets?&nbsp; I only see one font listed in the example, and if you are using multiples I think they all need to be imported at once: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I've tried :&nbsp; - only the MedievalSharp - MedievalSharp and Roboto separated - MedievalSharp and Roboto splitted and nothing works with the medievalSharp
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
yeah, we discovered it's the "eval" in the word.&nbsp; That's a dangerous JavaScript function so I'm guessing R20 is seeing eval in the name of the font and killing it. Probably a bug we should report, but just discovered it and made the connection, yesterday on something unrelated to fonts.