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The problems are back from the Update that was done on March 9th

Hello to those who are wondering. "Why can't my character sheets load, or why is my roll20 not loading and what's with this memory overflow that&nbsp; occurring when I enter a game." This all happened before on the 9th when Roll20 updated their character sheets. This update caused so many problems(especially for google chrome users) that the update was rolled back and was discussed that it would be reinstalled on the weekend when the problem was fixed. From looking at other post on the Bug report forum it seems the update was reinstalled a bit ago and the bugs and problems are still with it.&nbsp; Oh and here's a link to the original post discussing this and trying to fix this whole mess:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> For those who are getting the memory overflows when entering your game. I've seen that its not as bad for people who use Firefox so maybe try going off of that for a little bit. I hope this post helps people who like me first were panicking when this update came around. For those who are having trouble with their character sheet. The extension VTTES had made an update (1.15.38) that seems to have fixed the character sheet problem.

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not just chrome having issues I am on firefox and NO one can enter my game at all. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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To my knowledge, the update has not been re-installed. Do you have a link?
yeah everytime I try to log in it just locks up the browser.

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I assumed the update was back, since 5e character sheets have started behaving the way they were just after the update (increased lag time to open sheets and handouts, purple swirly loading animation, the option to drag an action to the bottom of a character sheet to add it to the macro quick bar). Edit: Just refreshed the browser and now that behavior is gone again. But it was present earlier today.