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Issue with Paypal integration?

Does anyone else have issues with the Paypal integration not working correctly or timing out on roll20s side? I think this is the 4th time I have logged a ticket where Paypal lets the transaction go through (I see the transaction processed successfully) but Roll20 does not unlock the purchase....then it is 4 to 7 days of waiting until they do unlock it. Is this just me or is this a wider issue they need to deal with?  
I just had this happen. It is not normally the case, but Roll 20 in general has been garbage the past few weeks. I have received time out errors no less than a dozen time over the past couple of weeks. I seriously should have just bought the PDF on Paizo and bought Foundry. I look on Paypal, I see the purchase went through, I look on Paizo, and I can see the PDF there. The item I bought here though is not in my purchases, and I see that I can buy it with the PDF owned discount.
Yeah same situation here. I´ve even tried it multiple times yesterday, thinking the transaction was just interrupted (even used a second paypal accout to try it if there was the issue) Well today I notice that the money was taken 4 times on paypal, I don´t have the item on roll20 (but on paizo the PDF is there) ... so yeah, great experience so far. I just hope the fix won´t take too long
I tried buying two Adventure Paths and had them both cycle on "Purchasing" endlessly. I exitted and tried again but same result.  As it stands I still do not have the two APs and I have been charged for four (two attempts each). Really hesitant to buy anything else right now.
The silence on the issue is deafening. If the AP's were Paizo, and you didn't have the PDF's prior, you could at least check in see if you have them in your digital collection there, start the reading prep portion. This happened with the Bestiary 3 for me, and it is nice to see that they want to sell it to me again, just with the PDF discount applied to it... Hopefully they get this resolved quickly, I submitted my support 2 days ago, still nothing. I submitted my Paypal issue report today, Monday I request the refund if it isn't resolved. Tuesday I dive into Foundry either way as this ongoing has been happening for months despite my financial investment here, I am tired of the poor performance (I have been a pro member for going on a year, more than a few years as a plus supporter, and I would say a good $500+ in Marketplace purchases, it isn't easy for me to move to a new platform).
Nolan T. J.
Roll20 Team
Our apologies on this; we'll be in touch with Paizo to resolve.

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Nolan T. J. said: Our apologies on this; we'll be in touch with Paizo to resolve. I’m not sure how this helps considering you have charged me four times for two items I haven’t  received. Is Paizo the one receiving the money? or Roll 20?
Katie Mae
Roll20 Team
Hi there Susan! I went ahead and found your ticket with us and made sure that your situation was taken care of. Please feel free to reach out if there's any other problems or concerns.  If anyone in this thread is still experiencing issues with this subject, please feel free to reach out via PM with your support ticket number and I'll make sure it's on the top of my to do list! (: 
Roll20 Team
Hi, everyone! Thank you for your patience as we investigate the Paizo payment desyncs. We are currently resolving reports via our webform - please don’t hesitate to use the webform to report any problems related to this! We can’t discuss user identifying information (such as payment info) through the forums, so writing in to the Help Center directly is the best (and quickest) way we can help you. This is a top priority for us. We've collected your reports and have begun working towards a resolution (alongside Paizo) that will prevent this issue from occurring in the future. While we are at work, we still encourage users to file reports that will help us identify key bugs within our system! And thank you to those who have written in already, your time and patience are greatly appreciated! -TK
Roll20 Team
Hello everybody! Yesterday we released code that will stabilize and improve the performance of Paizo Account Sync. If you have new or continuing issues, please get in contact via the Help Center , as we cannot discuss user identifying information (such as payment information) on the forums. Thank you all for your patience, and we hope this will improve your experience!