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Relics of Aendae (Wed 7:30pm)

Andir, a world reborn, rebuilt by the survivors of the Great Destruction, is now entering a new age. Ushering new dangers and risks to the stability of The Restoration, change is inevitable. What may yet come from it, however, will depend on those who finally return to world they will no longer recognize.

About the game
The setting and story for this campaign are homebrewed but all mechanics run with official rules only. The story is be centered on the player characters so each can have an arc that affects the world they are in.

Character Creation:
- Source Books: All official books allowed.
- Platforms: Discord (voice), Roll20 (VTT), DndBeyond (Character Creation).
- Campaign Levels: 1-20.
- Standard encumbrance.
- Starting equipment.
- Fixed/Average Hit Point System.
- Characters start with 1 free feat at level 1 (but no more than 1).
- Ability scores can be set with standard array, point buy, traditional dice rolls (roll 4d6, drop 1), or with an optional house rule for higher average scores (roll 3d6, drop 1 and replace it with a flat 6).
- Progression system: Milestone.

- Every Wednesday at 7:30pm Est.

About the DM
I am all about making sure we create original stories everyone enjoys. When you first join this game, we'll have a session 0 to discuss your character concept and determine the type of journey they would have, along with how the game mechanics can support that and how the background story fits with the game setting.

I try to have a fair balance between exploration, combat, and roleplay in my sessions and always give players the chance to decide how to face each situation. My goal is to make sure that everyone gets to make important decisions for their characters and the story in different moments, so I'll always try to give every character the spotlight during a session.

All playing styles are welcome, whether you love staying in-character or if you are still learning how to roleplay, as long as you are respectful and let everyone have a chance to do their own thing.

New players are welcome too!

Representation in fantasy matters. My settings always include positive depictions of diverse genders, races and identities. I stay away from some fantasy tropes like single-culture or single-race societies (like a LOTR settlement) in favor of a diverse racially integrated culture (like a Star Wars cantina). Also, there are no racial alignments in my games: players can choose the alignment that best fits their character (and change it at will) and other characters will treat them in a manner consistent with their known actions and observable behavior, not based on their lineage or cultural background.

Finally, we're all adults and group dynamic is affected by every player. This means we are all responsible for each other at the table so treat everyone with courtesy and respect their time, stories, gameplay style, and boundaries!

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Current Party:
Changeling Bard
Astral Elf Artificer
Owling Monk
Aarakocra Ranger
Human Druid
Thri-kreen Rogue/Barbarian

Current Level: 06

0 open slots

Please post in the Game Discussion section or send me a private message if you have any questions.

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