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Board game to Roll20 - Moving Trackers

Hey everyone, So I'm pretty new to Roll20.  Just started using the site a few months ago to run Aliens RPG for friends and have only scratched the surface of the possibilities. Now I'm scanning, cleaning up and then uploading the images to Roll20 to play a board game with friends and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to make certain pieces work. The game is, Aliens:  Another Glorious Day in the Corp and it has 3 pieces that have moving parts.  The Turn Dial, the Aim Dial and the Sentry Weapon System (ammo tracker).   I've attached the pics of each piece.  The red numbered one goes with the one piece that has no writing on it (each player has one of these).  The two yellow font pieces are for the Sentry Gun with A & B on it, and the last one is for the turns. Is it possible to put these pieces together, have them turn left or right by clicking on them and be able to have all players in the game be able to interact with them?

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David M.
API Scripter
While you can rotate images in game, you will have the problem of not being able to select the "bottom" image easily to rotate the counter. Maybe if you padded the bottom images to make a large transparent border, you could select the bottom image by clicking just outside of the top image to perform the rotation.  Optionally, you could assemble the dials in GIMP or Photoshop, export the images as png, then create rollable table tokens comprised of the images for the respective counter. The players could right click the token on the map and set to the appropriate position. The red turn marker at positions 1 and 10 are below for an example. The faceplate "box" was deleted and the numbered image is below the faceplate and rotated 36deg for each position. I think that will be the most you could do without access to the api. With api access, you could create macros to increment/decrement the image side rather than having to go through the right-click process.  

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Hi David, Sorry for the late reply.  Received the first vaccine shot and I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure of "enjoying" the full side effects.  lol. In regards to this, "then create rollable table tokens comprised of the images for the respective counter"  Do you mean as in crating dices with the numbers on them?  If I am understanding you correctly then unfortunately that won't work for any of them.  The top pieces are ammo counters for the Sentry Guns, The next piece is for counting the turns, and then the last one is to do with (trying to remember the rules as I've yet to play it!) is for the ability to aim properly.  Higher the number harder it is to aim. So each one either rotates left or right one click. I could easily drop them into Photoshop, maybe add a visible tab to them that would make the turning easier so it could just be a dragged by rotation till its on the right number? On the off chance that that may seem more problematic for people to do (Possibly up to 9 players and I'm sure a few will be drinking as its for my virtual birthday hangout, lol) how difficult would it to be to learn to setup the macro's for that using the API, or even better, do people more comfortable who create the macro's offer their services for an affordable price? I'm thinking only 1 of each would be needed and then I would just copy/paste them.  Save them to a sheet similar to how you would in regards to Tokens when playing a game? Again sorry for the late reply and thank you for your help!