Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: Hotfix on May 26, 2021: Fixed an issue that caused games with unmodified Night Vision Default Tint to make the vision appear black. Fixed an issue where using the zoom tool would cause unnecessary errors to appear in the console log. Updated Dynamic Lighting User Interface. Added a brief notification for users on non-supported browsers. Modifications to the Token Settings View interface to display Dynamic Lighting as the default, with Legacy Dynamic Lighting in Advanced Settings. Modifications to the Page View interface to display Dynamic Lighting as the default, with Legacy Dynamic Lighting in Advanced settings. We have made additional UI updates to page and token settings, including adjustments to the blue “Updated” tag. We’ve softened the jagged edges on explorer mode darkness. Call of Cthulhu by Roll20: Updates to NPC stat rolling. D&D 5E by Roll20: Spells with an attack that are dragged to the sheet or added through the charactermancer will now have a link to show the spell description displayed in the chat. Gloves of Thievery no longer increases Dexterity. Fixed a typo with the Infestation cantrip for 11th level. Artificer spells now correctly appear when adding spells on level up Pathfinder 2 by Roll20: Fixed layout/readability of roll template header when using an API button / Link as the name of the rollable element of the sheet (Strikes, Actions, Feats, Spells, Inventory item etc.) Users with subscription credit, which includes subscription gifts, can now purchase a subscription without inputting any payment information. By clicking on the pink, “Submit payment with Stripe” button on the payment modal, you can successfully start a subscription with credit! If a user has started a subscription with just credit and does not have a saved payment source, their subscription will end when they run out of credit to cover the next payment. Removed unnecessary error reporting for certain roll template functions. Check it Out Through our Tiltify campaign, we’ve partnered with Code2040 to aid in their mission against racial disparity in the tech industry. We’re matching donations up to $50,000, and we’re in it for the long haul—we’re going to keep the campaign going until we reach that goal. Learn more here! Pro users! Don’t forget to unlock the new reserve item from Roll20 Reserve! On the Roll20 Blog: 3 Starter Macros for your D&D 5E Game ! Did you catch Stir Friday Night take MonsDRAWsity from Deep Water Games, the very first board game on Roll20, out for a spin?! Head over to YouTube to see the hilliarity yourself or find out more on the Roll20 blog! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .