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Obstructed Vision in Daylight & Dynamic Day Lighting

Having started to use Dynamic Lighting, I'm finding that I really wished I could use the concept of obstructed vision even in daylight maps for things such as trees, cliffs, houses, etc. Things that, even if on a bright sunny day, would obstruct vision, not allowing people to see behind/over something. It would be additionally nice if there could be a Dynamic Day Lighting where GM's could mark items/tokens that would be out of sight until players come within a certain range to mimic the concept of "cresting a hill you see ___". This would allow a GM on telling the story and continuing the adventure without having to navigate through the whole mess of "is this token visible?" and "what layer am I in right now?" and "wait a minute, just need to do something."
Something like this could be done with a "Directional Daylight" option. So, we could have the daylight toggle that just lights the whole map, but then we could have another toggle that determines the angle the light comes in, and perhaps even the height of the light to determine how long the shadows are. Then trees and buildings would cast parallel shadows, but those shadows could terminate at a distance instead of running infinitely. Currently, when I want to light a map like this, I leave daylight off and I put really long range lights along one edge of the map, west or east side, but this creates infinitely long shadows and the shadows interfere with each other in weird ways. I was just trying to play with limiting angle and setting up multiple light sources, but even with a really limited angle there would be weird overlaps and I'd have to make like 1 light per row on the map and that would probably kill the processing. You can put objects on the dynamic lighting map when you're using daylight. These objects will obstruct visions but they won't cast shadows. For hiding objects and tokens, a distance to be viewed would be a neat feature.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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