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ChatSetAttr arithmetic changes to attributes?

Sorry for the dumb question but is there a way to change an attribute arithmetically with this mod? I tried running the following: !setattr --sel --SWeaBall|+{{Count=[1d1]}} To increase the count of an attribute by one on the selected character but it didn't work. I tried substituting --SWeaBall| with --@{selected|SWeaBall} but still no luck. Also tried substituting {{Count=[1d1]}} with just 1 but no luck. The attribute isn't one used on the character sheet and is a new attribute for the soul reason of increasing the count every time a player successfully uses their skill Weather Balloon (basically I need the number to always increase by 1 every time I run the command).
NOTE: the attribute was added to the character sheet but has no use other than just referencing the value (so it's not on the Genesys sheet but is in the Attributes & Abilities section.
If you always intend to modify the value instead of just setting it, you can use either of these: !setattr --sel --mod --SWeaBall|1 !modattr --sel --SWeaBall|1
Sheet Author
API Scripter
One thing to be aware of - inline rolls always use double brackets, like [[1d1]], not [1d1]. That said, Jarren's reply is the correct answer - I just wanted to comment on that for future attempts at inline rolls.
Thanks that worked!