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Area of Effect API for missile (path) spells


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Currently I have been using the fx functionality to provide some special effects for missile (path) spells, like magic missile, fire bolt and eldritch blast. However, I am impressed by some of the animations on offer in the Marketplace. - Does the Area of Effect API work with animations? If so: &nbsp; &nbsp; - is the Area of Effect API the best approach? &nbsp; &nbsp; - the Marketplace animations often provide different animations for different ranges (e.g.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>). &nbsp;What is the best way to handle this? Just choose one and let the Area of Effect squash/stretch to the required range? Thanks, Bill
Magic missile has no area of effect nor a beam like effect.&nbsp; It does not miss nor crash into something prematurely.&nbsp; Catapult would be an example of a railgun like projectile and ray spells are an example of 5ft area of effect lines. As for spell effects, on live, during a live session, who on earth can get /fx to behave even remotely reliably?&nbsp; The servers are so overwhelmed that things like /fx get bogged down and typically fire all at once in bursts over time instead of in real time as they should.&nbsp; If you run your session on the dev servers however, they behave pristinely as they should.&nbsp;&nbsp; Animated gifs look awful over the internet at random tables on the production server whether you paid for them or not.&nbsp; Eventually their frames start to skip or they stop all on their own depending on the performance of each pc viewing the gif.&nbsp;&nbsp; The Area of Effect api was really complicated to try to get to work and if I remember right the script did not handle spheres properly in 5e as theres 2 kinds of spheres, origin is the caster and origin is a point in space(this matters immensely for those not realizing this).&nbsp;&nbsp; I made my own setup for managing area of effects by following the youtube video Nick Olivo produced regarding spawndefaulttoken API.&nbsp; You just need to figure out the syntax, download an area effect template for sphere, square, line that doesn't screw up when stretched/resized, then create a macro query system that can handle all 100 options players will use with them.&nbsp;&nbsp; Heres a sample of what I did: (Imagine if they had kept that awful patch last week in place, how much stuff like this would have been just absolutely dead broken lol.)&nbsp; This had substitutes and linebreaks.&nbsp;&nbsp; ~SpellMasterConePanel /w gm &amp;{template:npcaction} {{rname=Cone Panel}} {{description=[15ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone15ft}) [20ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone20ft}) [25ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone25ft}) [30ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone30ft}) [35ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone35ft}) [40ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone40ft}) [45ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone45ft}) [50ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone50ft}) [55ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone55ft}) [60ft](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|Cone60ft}) [Back](!&amp;#13;&amp;#37;{SpellMaster|SpellMasterPanel}) }} ~Cone15ft !Spawn {{ --name|SpellMaster --qty|1 --size|3,3 --side|1 --order|toBack --tokenName|Cone --isDrawing|yes }}
Thanks DM Eddie for both your advice and the code you provided. It looks like a good option.